On Inmates to Entrepreneurs’ mission

“America is a country of second chances. If people aren’t given a second chance they will return to old habits and repeat their past mistakes.

Inmates to Entrepreneurs seeks to help people start over by providing them the information needed to become productive participants in our society.”

Brian Hamilton Chairman, Sageworks and Founder, Inmates to Entrepreneurs

“You can still start from Ground Zero, no matter what your situation or past may have been. There is still opportunity for you. Leaving prison, you have to prove yourself again. A lot of people who have been incarcerated have struggled since leaving. There is a revolving door into and out of prison, partially because of society and partially because of the inmates themselves. If you want to change, if you have dreams, Inmates to Entrepreneurs is a good way to start tapping into them, to start letting what you’ve imagined come to fruition, and to start putting your goals on paper. It’s the first step. It might be a baby step, but it’s a step forward.”

Scott Jennings Inmates to Entrepreneurs volunteer and former inmate